100 WC Week 10

We pulled more of the books off of the shelf and shoved them in our bags. We would not let society take away our fantasy stories. There were more books than anticipated but where would we hide it all? There were too many to fit in a single household, and all of the secret community had as many books as they could safely hide.

“Guys I know where we can hide them. My uncle was a real nut, he has a bomb shelter that is basically a house, we might be able to fit rest of the fantasy books there.”

100 wc week 10

It was all Justin’s fault. He got 15 years in prison, and $22,000 dollars in fines and I got 5 years in prison as his accomplice. His friend gave him the idea to take money from an old man’s house whose wife died years ago in an accident,  it was very well known that the old man had money hidden all over the house, and we needed the money. We broke in one day when we knew he had left, and took the money, but where would we hide it all. The police eventually caught up to us as we were skipping town. 

100 wc week 10

“let’s go to my house” Lily’s friend told her. Lily agreed and they went to her friend’s house. When they opened the door, there, lying on the floor, was an unconscious boy. He was about their age, he looked dead, or at least close to it, and was cold and very, very pale. “We have to hide him” said Lily’s friend. Lily looked at her confused “shouldn’t we call the police or something?” said Lily. “No! We will chop him up and hide him.” She said “But where would we hide it all?” Said lily  “In the basement” She replied.

100wc Week 10

“We steal all the candy, and then we go home and eat it all,” Kyle said excitedly, looking to his friend for support.

“We can’t just steal everything from a candy store, Kyle,” Liam sighed. “It may seem easy to you now, but where would we hide it all? And we can’t eat all that candy. We’ll get sick.”

Kyle thought for a moment before saying, “We could hide it all in sacks.”

“You can’t fit every candy in a candy store inside a sack. That’s not possible, Kyle.”

Collapsing on the couch, Kyle rolled his eyes. “You ruin everything.”

Week 10

I was helping my friend out with hiding something, but he wouldn’t tell me what it was. When we got to the destination I was a little confused, it was dark, damp, and quite creepy. We had gone all the way up the stairs and I asked him.

” What are we doing here?”

We went to the back room and I saw the most horrid, most disgusting thing I have ever seen. I asked him again.

” Where, how, what, the bodies, but where would we hide it all?” I said.

” We will find a way, whatever it takes, we will.”



100 word challenge week 10

I don’t really know why I stole the balls from the ball pit I just did. I saw them and had the idea to take them and make my own ball pit. The idea sounded a lot better in my head for some reason. Me and my friend Thomas snuck into the children’s play area of a store while no one was looking and took them. Once we put them into our care and got back to my house, Thomas asked me

“But where would we hide it all?”

“We’ll figure something out. Until then, we have a ball pit.”

WEEK 10- …but where would we hide it all?…

Albert: “I have a plan, a perfect crime! I will go to a bank, and find the manager. I will tell him I inspect bank vaults then lure him to his demise in the vault. Next I’ll call my friends, and we will steal everything. We will take it to my house, but where would we hide it all? I KNOW! I will find a pinata, and stuff everything in there. After that I can hide it in a Mexican pinata storage unit. It’s all planned out! I have figured out the perfect crime!”

Donna: “Sir, we really don’t care”

100 word challenge week 10 JM

It was all an accident. We never meant to hurt her, we were just trying to help her. She was having another panic attack and we were just trying to calm her down. She told us she was going to the bathroom, but after about 10 minutes she never came back out. When we walked in she was collapsed on the floor with empty pill bottles surrounding her. She had died in a matter of minutes. But where would we hide all of this, nobody would believe it was an accident. For all the cops know, we drugged and killed her.

Wk 10


I searched through the office while one spy kept a close watch on the  entrance door. I looked through file cabinets, desk drawers and every nook and cranny in between this office, but still we could not find what headquarters was looking for. “Where did they put all the money?” I yelled as a kept searching through this endless office. Then I stumbled into a hallway and saw a large door. I broke in the door, and I feasted my eyes on the staggering prize. There must have been 100,000,000 dollars in this room, but where would we hide it all?

100 WC Wk 10

A giant storm is coming and its levels are off the chart. It’s said that it will have the power to rip trees straight out of the ground and make buildings crumble to the ground. We only have a mouth people are building bunkers, hospitals are transferring patients, stores are securing supplies, and everyone is hiding their most prized possessions. My family’s memories, books that date back hundreds of years and stories that date back thousands but where would we hide it all? There’s only one place that we could possibly put it, somewhere hopefully safe from these coming winds.