week 2

Timothy threw his toy astronauts into the air, pretending they were flying. With the toys in his hand, he excitedly ran around his father’s workshop.

“Don’t run in here,” Timothy’s father warned, but his son didn’t slow down.

Timothy threw his toys up in the air again. But this time, he didn’t catch them, and they fell onto his father’s work bench right on top of a lonely lightbulb. “I told you not to run in here.” Timothy’s father scolded, dropping the bag he was holding. The bag broke, releasing all the beads inside. Timothy gasped, and slowly backed away.

One thought on “week 2

  1. What an imaginative use of the prompt !.I love the story so far. You have made me wonder why Timothy is backing away. What is going to happen next ? Why is he so afraid ? I really enjoyed your writing.
    CarolTeam100WC.England .

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